Oral Course
Listening Course
R & W Course
Spoken Language Course · 1on1 Daily /Business/Travel Conversational Skills, etc.

This course is one of the key focuses in learning Chinese, aiming to help students master oral communication skills in various situations such as daily life, travel, and business. It includes:

  1) Daily Conversational : greetings, shopping, dining, transportation, and other aspects of daily life oral expressions.

  2) Travel Conversational : commonly used oral expressions in travel, such as asking for directions, purchasing tickets, ordering

       meals, and more.

  3) Business Conversational : oral expressions in business scenarios, such as business negotiations,business invitations, business

      consultations, and more.

Teaching methods include teacher demonstrations and examples, dialogue training, role-playing, and more.

Listening Course · 1on1 Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced Listening

The listening course aims to improve students' listening skills and enable them to understand spoken expressions at various speeds and intonations. It primarily includes:

  1)  Daily Conversation Listening: Teaching listening skills and tips for everyday dialogues.

  2)  News and Advertisement Listening: Teaching listening skills and tips for spoken materials such as news and advertisements.

  3)  Recorded Material Listening: Teaching listening skills and tips for various recorded materials.

Teaching methods include playing listening materials, exercises,tests,etc.
HSK(HSKK is included) · 1on1 Learning and summarizing knowledge and skills

This course is specifically designed for students preparing to take the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) and aims to help them master the skills and strategies needed to tackle each level of the exam.

  1) HSK 1-2: It mainly covers Chinese Pinyin, basic vocabulary, simple grammar, and so on.

   2) HSK 3~5: It includes knowledge/strategies for elementary/intermediate vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, and writing.

   3) HSK Advanced Course (Level 6 or above): The advanced course covers advanced vocabulary, reading, listening, writing,

       and speaking skills, along with corresponding strategies and techniques.

  4) HSK Oral Course (HSKK): This course focuses on necessary skills for the HSK oral exam, including listening, reading, etc.

Teaching methods: knowledge summarization, analysis and practice of techniques, scoring point analysis and so on.
Reading and Writing · 1on1 Daily text reading, daily and business writing, etc

The reading course aims to improve students' reading ability and enable them to understand various Chinese materials.

   1) Daily life materials reading: Reading skills and precautions for daily life materials.

   2) Reading materials such as news and advertisements: Reading skills and precautions for oral materials such as news and


Writing Course divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced writing.

   1) Beginners can engage in simple writing by learning basic vocabulary and grammatical structures, such as self introduction,

       shopping, hotel reservations, etc;

   2) The mid to high level goal is to complete HSK level 5-6 writing, work email writing, and work report writing with 80~100 words.

for Children
for Children
for Children
Spoken & Listening
Oral training: daily oral, tourism oral, etc Listening courses: beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons.
Mark recognition, story reading;
Short essay writing, etc
Reading & Writing
YCT's listening, reading,
and writing skills,
Summary and review of exam knowledge
Word → Sentence → Paragraph
1 Hour * 90 Days → Breakthrough in Stages
3 Layers of Fun in Class
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